Before receiving a recommendation for medical marijuana use, patients must provide evidence that they are affected by the following conditions:
Severe Nausea
Seizures and Epilepsy
Persistent Muscle Spasms
AIDS/HIV Infection
Additional qualifying conditions include back/neck pain, sports injury, anxiety, sleep disorders, nausea, insomnia, ADHD, painful periods, neuropathy, chronic low back pain, Parkinson’s disease, and wasting syndrome.
A consultation with a licensed physician will be scheduled to review your medical history, condition, and needs. The evaluation takes into account the severity and length of the medical condition. If you have gained approval, you will be provided with a letter as proof of evaluation and registration as a medical marijuana patient.
The physician’s recommendation can be extended from one month to twelve. A treatment plan will be provided to enhance the benefits you receive from medical marijuana. If any legal matters arise, contact our staff for support.
Doctor THC Medical Marijuana Evaluations can be contacted at (818) 600-4885. Please call us to have any questions or concerns addressed.