Total Herbal Consultation provides full support for medical marijuana evaluations through high quality service, affordable consultation fees, and advanced legal support. Our service ensures complete privacy and confidentiality. They are compliant with standards established by the HIPAA. We provide 24/7 verification through the phone or by online access. Patients can log their recommendation ID and get verified by any collective.

There is no need to manage extensive and irritating wait times. Patients will be provided high quality plastic photo ID cards. These are provided following registration and are small enough and convenient to carry around anywhere. They are applicable for use at any collective.
Conditions that allow patients to qualify for medical marijuana include:

Chronic Pain
Muscle Spasm
Sports Injury
Neck Pain
Parkinson’s Disease
Movement Disorders

If you have not been approved for a medical marijuana recommendation, we can relieve you of the costs for evaluation. We serve all California patient who are 18 years of age and older and provide proof of identification as well as residence in the state. Please call our office today for more information about our evaluations and approval policy.