Consultation with a Licensed Physician

Patients will receive a professional exam from a licensed physician. The exam will detail the patient’s medical history and check vital signs. The doctor will determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation.

Pocket Recommendation Card

Patients will receive a pocket card to be used at any collective. It can be conveniently carried anywhere and provided after registration.

24/7 Online Verification

You can find the right medication without leaving home or waiting anywhere. 24/7 online verification helps you get verified from any collective at any time. There is no need to wait for the weekdays.

Doctor’s Letter After Exam

Following an exam, you will be provided with a letter of proof from the physician. This letter is essential and must be constantly kept safe. Only display your letter when it is required. This is proof of being a Prop 215 patient. This letter is required upon the first visit to caregiver offices.

Caregiver’s License

We provide caregiver’s licenses for patients experiencing extreme conditions. If you experience illness or physical problems, you can designate a trusted person to pick up your prescription for you. As your “designated caregiver”, the person has the right to pick up and drop off prescriptions for you.

Your First Doctor’s Visit

Bring the following items for your first visit. A valid California ID or Driver’s license, previous medical records or prescriptions that detail your condition, or prior medical marijuana recommendations if available. You can elect to pay for your visit in cash, credit, or through special financing options.